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by Amy Renfrey
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Perfect 10!

I’ve always wanted to take photography courses, but they’re just too expensive for me. I’m still paying for my camera, so I can’t afford that as of now. This emag has been a great alternative. I’ve just started with it, but I’ve already learned a lot. My photos also look much better than before I got this course.  Amy is good at what she does, and she’s very creative too. Unlike print photography magazines that come with so many advertisements, Amy’s emags are 60 pages of pure photography information. I’m always excited to get them every month knowing that I will learn something new. It has also made me more positive about my shots. It’s like I do not feel embarrassed showing them to people because I know that I have Ms. Renfrey backing me up.

A lot of my Facebook friends who see my pictures tell me to start a photography business. Some friends have also booked me for prenups, weddings, and birthdays. With a bit more practice, I’m planning to setup my own photography business.