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by Suze and Ev
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This dynamic duo changed my life!

I’m happy that Suze and EV decided to share their knowledge with other people who need the help they have to offer. I’ve always wanted to setup a cleaning business as I do not have other skills I can to setup one. My husband was against it at first saying that I’d just be wasting time and money on it, but I told him I can use the materials to clean the house anyway, so why not try to use them for a business. Using the methods of this awesome dynamic duo, I was able to get clients right away. Small at first, then the projects got bigger and bigger as I got more and more referrals. I’m now earning more than my husband earns, and I will be able to send my eldest son to college after he finishes high school. I can’t believe this guide changed my life for the better! I’d like to thank Suze and Ev personally, but I think the best way to do that would be to help promote their wonderful product.