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by Chris Trombley and Doug Bertram
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Great resource... so easy to follow!

I’ve always loved baking, and I love dogs too! Bake a dog bone brings two of my biggest hobbies together. I love the instructions in the book as they’re extremely easy to follow. At first, I wanted to bake only for my dogs, but since there are business instructions in the book too, I thought, why not make some extra money from this. It’s surely gonna sell because I’ve a lot of friends who have dogs too. After that word spread about my cheap baked dog goodies and I’m getting a lot of special requests now. Some friends want their dog treats customized and I’ve learned to do that through this book too. I’m now expanding my business using the marketing strategies featured in the book as well. Their also very easy even if you don’t have any experience in running and marketing a business before. It’s great really! Try this book. I’m sure you won’t miss your $30!