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by Frank Patrick; Alternative Energy Researcher
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Cut down our electricity bills by 63%

This is genius! I bought this book out of sheer curiosity and worked on it right away. The explanations are clear and it’s obviously well-researched, so I didn’t have problems following it. My wife was furious with the money I used to buy materials, saying that I’m only throwing away our money for nothing. I told her I’ve read a lot about solar and wind energy before buying the book, so there’s no way she’s stopping me from doing it. When it was finished, I had to face the wrath of my wife again because she thought it was dangerous to tinker with our house’s energy source. I went ahead anyway and installed it. When our electricity bills came that month, my wife was astounded to see that it got down 63%! I’m now working on cutting it down a further 20% to hit the max 80%. Of course, my wife is supportive now!