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by Erik Olsen
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The books is really easy to understand

I had my first bonsai plant when I was 12 years old, a gift from my dad. My father was very interested in bonsai plants because he lived in Japan for a few years before. My fascination with bonsai plants started to grow from there. I used to collect bonsai plants because I thought it was too difficult to plant my own. And then I heard about Bonsai Gardening Secrets from a bonsai artist I used to buy plants from. I’ve bought 3 of my plants from him, and they’re all lovely. He introduced me to this book because he also sells bonsai seedlings and other bonsai tools.

The book is so easy to understand. I finished the book in one sitting and I got really excited for my first plant. The first project I did was very simple. My bonsai’s theme is very oriental. I haven’t decided on a final look for it yet because I’m waiting for it to grow a little more. Once you learn the trimming and bending tips and tricks from this book, achieving whatever design or look you want becomes a lot easier.

Bonsai Gardening Secrets sure is packed with information. You can get almost anything and everything you need to learn from this guide.