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by Patrick Lecky
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It took time, but it worked

My journey with How To Fight Type 2 Diabetes started 3 years ago. I was just diagnosed of type 2 diabetes then. I was given medications, I was told to eat this and eat that, avoid this and avoid that. I followed everything for a few months, but my wife and I noticed that I wasn’t improving at all. My blood sugar still fluctuated like crazy. My sister-in-law is into holistic healing. She told us about this book, and that the program here is admired by a lot of people in her circle. I was initially skeptical but I tried it. I stopped taking my meds despite my doctor’s warnings. My wife supported my decision because we know a lot of people who never recover from type 2 diabetes just by following their doctor’s advice. It took some time before the program normalized my blood sugar, but by the 2nd month on this program, I had already lost a lot of weight, I’d been feeling more energized, I’d already seen so much improvement in my body. My blood sugar level is very stable now, and on a very safe level. I’m still on a healthy diet, but I’m already allowed the occasional sweets. I also got into a permanent workout regimen. Most importantly, since I’ve seen the effects of bad diet on a person’s body, I’ve put my entire family on a healthy diet. The kids hated it at first, but they will thank me for it in the future.