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by Ryan Henderson
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I think this is a steal

I couldn’t afford having my shed designed by a professional, so I had to settle for something like this. I was a bit skeptical because there are some bad reviews on this site, but I told myself that it’s this cheapo guide or nothing, so I settled for the cheapo one. I have very little experience in carpentry, so I needed a really good plan if I want to come up with something useful. I agree that it isn’t as organized as I’d want it to be, and that it took me a while to choose a design, but the one I got is fantastic! It’s very detailed and really easy to follow. I think it was a steal for $37. There are also some other plans in here that aren’t sheds but will be even more useful for me because I only need one shed. I don’t know about others but for me it’s better that I don’t get more than a thousand shed plans. Variety is good. The description of the product may not be accurate, and it may not be as organized as others, but I still think it’s a pretty good buy for less than $50.