Vibrational Harmony

by Beverly Nadler,

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Vibrational Harmony is an e-book that explains how our mind works to bring about change in our lives. This e-book helps you tap into your conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind, tune into your intuition and use your free will power. You'll be able to achieve all your goals and get whatever you want from life.

Inside Vibrational Harmony, you'll learn about the field of mind-body healing, called energy psychology. You'll learn its history, the pioneers in this extraordinary field and some powerful techniques. You'll learn the roles of the Laws of Attraction, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, and Cause & Effect in getting what you want.

Vibrational Harmony combines the ancient wisdom of metaphysics and Hermetic Philosophy with modern psychology and quantum physics. It also reveals other great teachings that you can use in your life now, and you'll learn techniques for becoming positive, step-by-step strategies to reprogram yourself to get what you want and more.

You'll gain a wealth of knowledge and loads of benefits from Vibrational Harmony. This e-book can be a first step to realizing and living your dreams.

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Vibrational Harmony, was of great help...
On-Site Review

Beverly Nadler's book, Vibrational Harmony, was of great help in my understanding of myself and the way the mind and consciousness works in relation to our lives and what we want. Her explanations are clear and easy to understand. She helped me and my family at a time when we were very down, and I am sure that her new book is going to be even more helpful. It will be of great help to others who want to understand the processes that are going on in their lives without being made to feel they are solely to blame and guilty for all negative things and events. Beverly helps us get better control of our lives, so we can have more happiness and success.

Charles I. Knowlton

Wonderful book!
On-Site Review

I've 'been there and done that' as the saying goes (20 years), until I studied with Beverly Nadler. After having read and practiced just about every healing modality (from leading authors to Zen Buddhism, psychotherapy and prescription medicine), I finally discovered powerful and effective practices for healing my life. Now others can experience this enormous transformation and discovery in her wonderful book.

Joan Patrice Klein

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