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White Skeleton Meditation is one of the most popular products offered by the meditation lesson web site MeditationExpert.com. This special report will teach you the white skeleton visualization practice, which is considered one of the best meditation practices that was passed from India to China. Through this method, like thousands of others, you can also successfully learn the power of the Tao.

If you want to cultivate and transform your body's chi channels and calm your mind, white skeleton visualization and White Skeleton Meditation is perfect for you. Through this special report, you'll learn how to develop superpowers and transform your physical body for the spiritual path. You'll also learn how to use this meditation method to open your chakras, develop psychic abilities and martial arts skills as well as cure illnesses.

Practicing white skeleton meditation can be easy. With the help of MediationExpert.com's White Skeleton Meditation, you can finally attain samadhi, or empty mind realization, and other powerful results.

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Excellent visualization practice
posted this review on August 9, 2013

This visualization practice is excellent. It is easier than other meditations that I’ve tried, and it also works so much better. I feel so much calmer while and after using this meditation approach. It’s got more lingering effects than other kinds of meditations, and it’s also got better long-term effects. Been using it for almost 4 months now, and the effects are already evident, both in my outlook and my physical body. Yes, this type of meditation is so powerful that it can do wonders to your physical condition too.

It's easier to learn than other meditation techniques
posted this review on May 12, 2013

I started meditating a year ago. It was a very long practice, but I was determined to learn. I didn’t have any idea about meditation. Most of what I know I only read on the internet, in discussions and products that I got online. I’ve tried very difficult ones, way too advanced for my levels, and some that didn’t have any effect at all. Among all of those I’ve tried, one thing kind of got stuck in my head, and it’s White Skeleton Meditation. I liked this so much because it’s very easy. I learned it in one day, but mastery takes a longer time, of course. I feel a very deep connection with the energies around me through this kind of meditation. It’s very soothing and relaxing, and it’s like it helps me dig deeper into myself as it introduces me to bigger forms of energy outside my body. It’s a unique experience every time. There are more practical uses to meditation too, more than you can imagine. I was a skeptic before too, but now that I’ve experience its power first-hand, I now want to share the wonderful experience with others.

Helped me achieve a very deep state of relaxation
posted this review on January 5, 2013

White Skeleton Meditation helps me achieve a really deep state of meditation. It’s unlike any other meditation technique I’ve tried. Here, I really feel my chi paths getting cleared. Just a few week ago, I found out that I’ve finally learned how to use my chi to heal others. I know it’s hard to believe. I’ve been trying many meditation techniques for years, but the healing remained inside me. I couldn’t find a way to project the healing outwards. Now, I can finally do it. I did it for my niece who had really high fever then. I used the methods I learned from White Skeleton, and in a few hours, she was well. Even my sister was surprised. She’s been calling me a weirdo for quite some time now, but at that moment, she was a believer!

Helps me achieve deeper meditation states
posted this review on December 24, 2012

I agree with other people here that White Skeleton Meditation creates deeper and more meaningful meditations. I have been into mediation since June of 2011, and since then, I’ve been hunting for the deepest meditation technique. Some meditation techniques I have tried have only a fleeting effect, a short moment of peace. With White Skeleton Meditation, I experienced longer lasting calm feelings and a freer, more creative mind. I’m a handcrafter, so creativity is my most important quality. White Skeleton Meditation unleashes my creativity, so I can use its full power. You might want to use this for different purposes, it’s up to you. You will learn how it works once you get to try it. I also believe that this has the power to cure physical sickness. It clears the flow of energy in the body, and from the mind, the healing energies can move to the rest of the body. It all depends on how you use the energies though. As for me, I feel that it eases fatigue and stress.

The loveliest meditation technique I've ever seen
posted this review on October 24, 2012

The White Skeleton Meditation opened up my mind and soul in ways I never imagined were possible. I was using 3 other meditation techniques before, alternating on which one among them works best for my mood. Those 3 techniques are good, but they’re just good. They do not have that lingering effect that you can bring with you the entire day wherever you go. They’re just ok. This one is different. The effects last until you go to bed and meditate again in the morning. I make sure to wake up before my kids do, so I can have a few minutes for myself every morning, and I can face any challenge then. Even an all-nighter with the children after a long day at work. This has become possible only when I discovered the White Skeleton Meditation Technique. It’s a  gift everyone should have a chance to try.

My favorite meditation technique
posted this review on September 11, 2012

I know this might seem a bit weird for people who haven’t tried meditation before, but once you get to try it, you will surely be absorbed, and you will be addicted to the feeling it gives you. I tried the white skeleton meditation with a friend who does it and she gave me instructions on how to do it, and Ioved the feeling so much that I bought this book. It will really help you communicate with your inner self, and it will help you know yourself better, and handle emotions, stress, negativities a lot better. I have yet to master the more advanced effects of this meditation technique, but for now, since I find it so calming and relaxing, I’d be happy just practicing over and over again until I master the more advanced techniques.

If you haven't tried this yet, you're missing a lot
Seraphin Francis (from Allentown, USA) posted this review on August 6, 2012

Not all meditation practices are the same. Being an enthusiast for so many years, I’ve come across different meditation techniques, and I’ve practiced most of them. They give you different kinds of feelings, while meditating and after it. Some are better while you are at it, but their effects fade too easily. Some do not feel as good, but have better after effects. The white skeleton meditation technique instantly became one of my favorites because of its effects while meditating and after it. It gives me a lingering feeling of calm, peace, and serenity. I become more confident in myself, and more positive about the future. It’s like digging deep into yourself and finding the real purpose of your living right there beneath all the pressure and stress of the modern world. All meditation enthusiasts should try this technique at least once in their lives.


My meditation seemed deeper, more profound, and more fruitful.

I have been involved in many different esoteric practices and meditation methods (some of which even require special instruction), and there is something different and special about the White Skeleton Meditation. At first it seemed like just another meditation practice, but when I started doing it I noticed results almost right away. My meditation seemed deeper, more profound, and more fruitful. In just the short time I have been doing it, I think I have made progress more quickly than with any other form of practice I have tried… I fully recommend the White Skeleton Meditation to anyone who wants to make rapid progress on the cultivation path!

Leo Silva

White skeleton meditation would definitely be recommended...

There are hundreds of meditation techniques out there today. Some good and some not so good. However, if you want a good solid foundation that definitely teaches the true principles of meditation that will help you soar the ranks in spiritual cultivation and that strips away from all the new-age jargon that is currently out there today, then the white skeleton meditation would definitely be recommended. The report gives you some background, the instructions on how to practice and various special tips you will not find anywhere else. For those you who are interested in the field of health, martial arts and chi-kung then this particular practice will definitely benefit you.

Kai-Lon Chen,
New Jersey

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