WLC System Package for Men and Women

by Josh Tapp, www.weight-lifting-complete.com

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Do you feel that no matter how much you work out at the gym, no visible results can be seen on your body? If you’re longing for those flat, toned abs and arms that you only see on TV, the worry no more as the WLC System for Men & Women will help you work out those problem parts.

The WLC (or Weight Lifting Complete) System was created by Josh Tapp, author and a weight-lifting expert for the past ten years. This system was designed for both men and women, and the step-by-step program is targeted at reshaping the problem areas especially the arms and abs by getting rid of the flab and adding muscles instead. And the results are permanent. No backsliding once you stop using the system. What’s more, there are no strict diets to follow. By doing weight lifting, you’ll feel better, your flabby muscles will get toned, and in return, you’ll look much younger, fitter, and sexier. For men, the WLC System will be able to give them the body they’ve always wanted – a well-muscled body (but not obscenely so), six-pack abs, plus a healthier lifestyle. Finally, this is a system that you can use for the rest of your life, no matter what your age is. The WLC System package for Men consists of 6 e-books – the Muscle Building Program e-book , Fat Burning Program e-book, WLC System Manual, WLC Workout Manual, WLC Logbook and lastly, the WLC Affiliate Secrets. For women, the six e-books consist of the Curve Building Program, Fat Burning Program, WLC System Manual, WLC Workouts Manual, WLC Logbook and WLC Affiliate Secrets.   

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The most helpful package for me and my hubby
posted this review on August 10, 2014

My husband and I decided to get WLC System Package for Men and Women because we can use only one weightlifting system for both of us, thus saving a lot of money. We’ve been looking for an awesome weightlifting package for a long time but we couldn’t find one that helps. With WLC System Package for Men and Women, we were finally able to get a weightlifting system that is ok for both of us. Here, we got everything we needed to supercharge our weightlifting. There is a diet program and a supplementation program included in the package. There is a Curve Building Program and a Fat Burning Program included for women too. The women’s program is designed to help you maintain your soft and delicate female features while building strength and muscle. You won’t look like a female wrestler, contrary to popular belief. Instead, you will be able to retain your soft curves and just become a lot stronger and healthier. I’ve shed so much fat since I got started on this program, and I’m shedding some more. I’ve also built a lot of muscle. I noticed how much my strength and stamina has improved. This is so helpful for me because I can carry the groceries without feeling pain in my body now, and I can also spend more time playing with my kids. WLC System Package for Men and Women has definitely become the most helpful package for us.

Sustainable way to lose weight
posted this review on May 7, 2014

It’s so hard to get a good body these days because of the many temptations all around. I have worked with so many instructors, and I’m a member of 3 different healthy clubs around my area, but I still haven’t achieve the kind of body that I want. I’ve already lost a lot of weight, but I’m still not fit. I am still overweight, almost obese. I was obese before, more than 200 lbs. With the help of WLC System Package for Men and Women, I am now seeing better and faster results. I work on my fitness alone now, and I think it’s better because I don’t have to consider the schedule of other people, like trainers and all that. I also get a more sustainable way to lose weght.

Fights plateauing effectively
posted this review on February 9, 2014

I’m a woman, and for the longest time, I had the misconception that I’d look like a man if I started lifting weights. I was terribly wrong! For the longest time, I did only cardio and dancing and anything that I thought would melt fat without making me look too muscular. I lost weight initially, but then I plateaud and then rebounded. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. And then another girl in the gym who was having great improvement in her body told me about WLC System Package for Men and Women. She said both she and her husband were using the program, and that it’s what helped them get the body that they wanted. I was inspired to try it to because I’d seen how much her body had improved. I’m now losing weight steadily without too much dieting. I just make sure to eat health, but I never starve myself. My weight loss also looks good. It’s not the flabby type of weight loss that I dreaded before. I’m glad that I found WLC System Package for Men and Women. It not only stopped me from getting back to my old weight, it’s also provided me with an easier way to control weight loss in the coming years. I think this is the system that combats plateauing effectively.

This will teach you a lot about weight loss
posted this review on April 14, 2013

I’m not made for cardio exercises, so I prefer weight lifting over it. It’s great that WLC works just as well as cardio programs in helping me achieve my weight loss goals. I’ve lost 20+ lbs in a month doing this program, but that’s also with a strict diet. Those two go together. You will learn a lot more when you checkout WLC’s website. They have a lot of information in there about weight loss, like the common myths and the truths about weight loss. You’ll learn a lot, and weight loss will be a lot easier.

My arms are sexy and sculpted now
posted this review on February 25, 2013

WLC System Package for Men and Women helped me sculpt and tone my arms in just 2 months. I used to have batwings, and they’re really nasty. My arms jiggle and I couldn’t even ever sleeveless shirts and blouses then. I was also worried about my tummy area because it was beginning to blow. WLC System Package for Men and Women gave me the solutions I’ve been looking for. Thanks to this I can now maintain a sexy and sculpted figure after 2 kids!

I got a better waist and more confidence
posted this review on November 22, 2012

What I like most about this is that it allows targeted fat loss, unlike others that only workout the entire body. This one I use to get rid of the fats in my obliques. That’s my problem area. I can’t wear tight shirts and jeans because they bulge out from my sides, and make me look like a caterpillar. My other parts, I’m generally ok. The bulges probably just came from too much sitting at work because I work in the office 9 hours a day. Since I got into WLC System Package for Men and Women, I’ve been steadily flattening out my obliques and my tummy. I got a better waist now and twice the confidence!

Finally melting the fats away
Remy Grayson (from Marietta, USA) posted this review on November 18, 2012

The program is very effective for melting fats and building muscles. I’ve been the fat kid all my life. Didn’t know how I was gonna lose all that weight. I tried working out at the gym but I couldn’t drag myself there everyday when I started working. I lost some weight then, but after stopping for a few months, I gained it back. My body’s naturally fat so it’s like that. I thought there was no hope to change my body until I found this. I built a muscular body in 4 months. It’s not perfect but gone are the flabs I’ve carried with me my whole life. I’m still working on some muscle groups, although the major muscle groups are really looking good now. Old friends get surprised when they see me. They say it’s like I joined The Biggest Loser. It just feels good having to buy a new set of clothes.


Most informative. . .

I think this is the best, most informative complete program I've seen. The program covers step-by-step how to get in great shape and look good with diet, cardio, and weight training. It is priceless since it will actually work to make peoples lives much better.

Fred D.,
Wichita Falls, Texas

Lost 18 pounds and counting. . .

I have lost 18 pounds and counting, am feeling stronger and faster, my high blood pressure is dropping fast. I am very happy and so is my family. They can see that am changing my life in all aspects. Sorry for the long e mail…This program is doing what a bunch of medicines cant do: giving me a new body and a new way of life. Thank you!

Raul Rodriguez,
Virginia, USA

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