The Ultimate Wrestling Strength and Conditioning Manual

by Steve Preston,

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The Ultimate Wrestling Strength and Conditioning Manual is a training program developed by a Steve Preston, a physical education teacher and sports performance specialist. Unlike all other wrestling training manuals, Steve Preston offers a unique set of workouts especially for wrestlers, because training for this sport is different than training for other sports.

The Ultimate Wrestling Strength and Conditioning Manual is a guide for wrestlers, coaches and MMA athletes who want to reach peak strength and conditioning levels so they can dominate any competition. You will learn how to figure out exactly what you need to train and how to do it, how to train during and between seasons, how to prevent overtraining and injuries, how to train wrestlers of different ages and much more. The Ultimate Wrestling Strength and Conditioning Manual comes with The Ultimate Wrestling Nutrition Manual and 8 other valuable bonuses.

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The course is ok, and the community is great
posted this review on July 25, 2013

As an amateur wrestler, I’m always looking for ways to improve my skills and my strength. This isn’t a complete wrestling training course, but it does have a lot of training tips and tricks for the amateur. I initially took up wrestling as a physical education course, and it grew on me. It’s a unique and challenging sport, and being a bulky guy, I felt like I was really made for wrestling. Right now, I’m really enjoying this training program. I’ve seen much improvement in my performance, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. I’m actually considering going pro someday, but for now, I’ll be fine training myself.

Another thing that I want so much from this product is that it comes with a forum for its members. I’ve already met a lot other wrestling enthusiasts there. We commonly trade techniques and achievements, so I’ve already learned more than what the course itself offers. I just hope the author exerts more effort in expanding the forum. As of now, there aren’t that many members, so I think the author should market the community more fiercely to make the community more alive and interesting for everyone.

The best wrestling conditioning program online
posted this review on March 10, 2013

The Ultimate Wrestling Strength and Conditioning Manual is made especially for those who join wrestling competitions, and want to condition themselves without a coach. Sure it’s better to have a coach, but they’re not really as accessible as a book that you can download. They cost a lot too. The Ultimate Wrestling Strength and Conditioning Manual is a complete program that has all the dos and don’ts when preparing for a season, and it’s also got a powerful training program that will help you improve your strength without sacrificing speed. That’s hard to beat.

You can be your own trainer and coach
posted this review on January 8, 2013

MMA is a demanding sport both physically and mentally. I was into soccer before I went crazy over MMA, and the body conditioning needed for these two sports are entirely different. It was difficult for me unlearning my old ways, and relearning new ones. Good thing I found The Ultimate Wrestling Strength and Conditioning Manual. There’s a pretty good gym near my place, but it’s too expensive getting a coach for MMA. You can get an ordinary trainer for a fraction of the cost, but that’s not gonna condition your body enough for MMA. I just use the program here instead. It’s a great program. Other MMA enthusiasts in the gym saw it, and they liked some of the points in it, and some of the conditioning techniques too. The best part here is that you get to know your own body as you go along. Most athletes who work with trainers just leave everything up to their trainer. Here, you’ll learn how to listen to your body and know what it needs before a match. You can be your own trainer and coach with this program. It’s great for beginners who can’t invest much money on MMA yet.  I’ve already convinced a lot of other MMA athletes in my area to use this conditioning program, and I’m also doing it online to help.

The best wrestling training program I've seen online
Barry Wilson (from Olmito, USA) posted this review on November 24, 2012

I just recently got started with wrestling, and I’d say it’s a really fun combat sport. I tried boxing before, but wrestling is a lot better than it because there are really a lot of skills involved and it’s more exciting. I’ve been training with other boys in the gym, but now that I’m busy, I’m having difficulties fitting my schedulre with theirs, so I needed a conditioning program I can use when training alone. This is exactly the program I’ve been looking for. Although there is information here that’s not useful for me yet, since they’re made for those who are about to go pro, the basics are very helpful. I get to focus on the muscle groups that get used most in wrestling, and I also learned workouts that are specifically made for wrestlers. The program is very detailed. It’s so easy to follow that you will surely find training more enjoyable. The exercises are of different difficulties, but you’ll learn how to customize them for your fitness level. Some of them are really easy, but there are others that will really challenge you. I’m slowly stepping up my game here as instructed, so I don’t get strained or anything. Try this program! I’m sure you won’t  regret it. 


Great information

I have been extremely impressed with the amount of valuable information on this site. The information is detailed, professional and is backed by research and that arms me with credible knowledge. The guys I have been working with since subscribing have been impressed and motivated to learn more.

Jim Makovsky,

This is for every wrestler

This is the type of information that I want to see. Every wrestler should see this.

Ryan Maguire,

This book is a great resource.

I wrestled for 11 years. This compilation of 63 tips is an accumulation list of lifestyle changes for anyone who wants to wrestle great.
Throughout my years of trying different things when what I tried didn't work I suffered losses. Every reason for a match being lost is preventable by your list of tips. If I only had it from season 1.

Richard Aldrich,

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