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by Isabel Jones
(6 votes)
Yeast Infection Free Forever is an eBook that shows you how to safely and effectively cure your yeast infection in about 10 hours. It is written by alternative medicine practitioner and researcher, Isabel Jones. Like you, Isabel has suffered from a...
by Deena Fine
(4 votes)
Yeast Infections Guide - Cure Yeast Infections Naturally is a completely natural approach to curing smelly and annoying yeast infections naturally and effectively. It is written by former sufferer, Deena Fine, to help aid those who are suffering...
by Leigh Hunter
(5 votes)
Leigh Hunter describes in her Ebook Cure Yeast Infection Fast about the natural, safest and fastest method for Curing Yeast Infection. This is the method using which she got relief and cure from chronic yeast infection. Leigh found that the other...
by Martha G. Brown
(8 votes)
Martha G. Brown is a medical and nutrition researcher who used to suffer from chronic yeast infections for more than 7 years, and no doctor seemed to be able to help her. She decided to find a treatment on her own, and eventually...
by Whitney Frazier
(14 votes)
Yeast overgrowth is a condition that can cause numerous health problems, including sugar cravings, fatigue, depression and others. If you suffer from this condition, then you need Whitney Frazier's Yeast Diet Cookbook & Meal Planning Guide. It...
by Nilda Carrez
(6 votes)
Free 4 Candida is just the resource you need to cure your candidiasis the quick and natural way. You'll learn to do it by taking advantage of the curative properties of trees in the Amazon rain forest. In Free 4 Candida, author Nilda Carrez combines...
by Catherine Yates
(6 votes)
Candida or yeast infection is not just painful and embarrassing, it can also cause death in some cases. A lot of patients continuously suffer from this disease, since pharmaceutical medicine only provides temporary relief. More often than not, the...
by Linda Morgan
(7 votes)
Linda Morgan suffered from yeast infections practically every month for years. Doctors continued to prescribe different medications, but the infections kept coming back. After almost unbearable frustration, she finally discovered an all-natural cure...