You Can Be A Wedding MC

by Pete Miller,

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Pete Miller's You Can Be A Wedding MC will teach you how to be a perfect MC (Master of Ceremonies) at wedding receptions. Miller has been an MC at more than 1,000 wedding receptions, so he knows all about it.

It's important to prepare in advance if you're going to be a wedding MC. You have to know the names of the bride and groom and the names of the people in the wedding party. Preparing in advance helps you stay calm and always know what you're going to say. 

You Can Be A Wedding MC will show you how to prepare yourself for a wedding. You'll learn how to welcome the bridal party, introduce the toasts, keep the wedding flowing nicely, what to say when the cake is being cut and more. 

To help you out even more, You Can Be A Wedding MC includes a word-for-word template as well as a sample run sheet for the entire night, a list of question you should ask the bride and groom, jokes you can use to warm up the guests and much more. You'll also get 7 free bonuses. 


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Packed with templates
posted this review on January 5, 2014

This isn’t enough to be an effective MC, but this is a great start. It has a lot of high quality templates that you can edit to get your desired result and to get it customized to the even and the couple. I used this when I was forced to MC for my friend who’s short on budget. This made planning and scriptwriting easier, but I still needed a ton of practice and confidence building. In the end in turned out alright.

I nailed it!
posted this review on July 9, 2013

I MCd for my brother’s wedding because he thought it would be a good idea to get the entire family working for his wedding. He’s such a cheapskate, and didn’t want to hire people for stuff family members could do. Being the most talkative in the family, I was tasked to be the MC. I was horrified but I didn’t want to buy him a gift and he said it’s fine as long as I MC for him. It was a bargain! Hahaha! A week before the wedding, I almost backed out. I did some research on the internet and I couldn’t get good wedding MC guides. I really wanted to just bail out, but it was too late to find someone to talk my place. Thank heavens I found You Can Be A Wedding MC just in the nick of time. I had 3 days to practice using the techniques here. I prepared my scripts in that period too. This helped me get my creative juices flowing! After the event, I had like 3 other requests to MC for their weddings. I think I did really really well. I’m so happy that I got You Can Be A Wedding MC and I definitely recommend it to everyone.

The guests and I enjoyed the wedding
posted this review on April 18, 2013

With the help of this fantastic guide, my first wedding MC gig is a success! I had so much fun and received so many praises after the ceremony. The guests enjoyed the ceremony and they said it’s all because of me.


The only problem now is my two nieces are insisting I MC their w

This is a great product, it was money well spent. I MC’d my nephews wedding on Aug 11th 07 and with Pete’s book and plenty of preparation it went fantastic. The only problem now is my two nieces are insisting I MC their weddings now. I will recommend this to other people.

JP Lyrette
Project Manager, Adelt Mechanical Works Ltd

I highly recommend the ‘You can be a Wedding MC’ book.

I highly recommend the ‘You can be a Wedding MC’ book.
A few weeks ago my girlfriend’s friends asked me to be their wedding MC. I had never been the MC of a wedding before. My only involvement in weddings until now has been as a professional wedding photographer. Whilst I know what the agenda is at a wedding reception it’s obviously very different to be instigating that agenda.
After reading this book, I was surprised at how much was involved in doing a proper job as a wedding MC. I thought it would be straight forward, but I now know it was the ‘tricks of the trade’ that I got from Pete’s book that made all the difference.
I was overwhelmed with compliments. The Bride and Groom, their parents, the bridal party and other guests congratulated me. I really appreciate the many things that a wedding MC must do and realize that missing only one of these things can ruin the reception. Even if someone is comfortable with public speaking I highly recommend the ‘You can be a Wedding MC’ book.

Daniel Hughes

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