Your Guide To Digital Photography

by Dan Feildman,

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Learn how to use your digital camera like a pro and shoot wonderful photos in Dan Feildman's Your Guide to Digital Photography. In this e-book, Dan shows photography enthusiasts that taking great pictures can be simple. It's about making your digital camera your friend, being confident, having fun taking pictures, and making memories.

Your Guide to Digital Photography is divided into five easy-to-read chapters packed with information that will help you hone your photography skills. It covers everything from basic topics like selecting a camera to advanced techniques and tips on photo editing. This interesting e-book will teach you how to choose the right camera; the different parts, functions, and features of your camera; how to capture the moment; as well as the types of lenses and their special uses. Your Guide to Digital Photography will tell you the secrets to taking beautiful sunset and night photos. You'll also learn how to save, edit, share, and print your pictures, plus much more. With this informative photography guide, shooting amazing digital photos anytime, anywhere can be easy.

In addition to the Your Guide to Digital Photography e-book, you'll receive five bonuses for free. These materials will equip you with more knowledge on photography.

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So much cheaper than other digiral photography seminars
posted this review on March 31, 2014

I like this course because it’s so much cheaper than other digital photography seminars, and it’s got everything I needed to learn. I was surprised at how much information they managed to jam into this online course. I didn’t expect as much quality and depth from an online course. I thought it was just gonna be a list of tips, some do’s and don’ts, but no. In fact, it can pass as a module for a formal photography training, IMO. The best thing about this is that unlike other more expensive courses, it is not price snob. It doesn’t matter what kind of DSLR camera you own, you can still benefit from most of the techniques here. There are also different tips for the proper way of capturing photos in different scenes, lighting, and backgrounds. What I do is I just apply the techniques when I shoot, and then I get feedback from other photographer friends, since I don’t have a coach or trainer to get feedback from. It’s really a smart decision since I saved so much money by doing this. I would say that if you’re motivated and you can handle your own schedule well, Your Guide To Digital Photography is better than attending courses for beginners because as I’ve said, you will save so much money and you will also save a lot of time. You just have to make sure to have someone who understands photography critique your work. It’s very simple.

Very helpful tips, tricks, and strategies
B. Marston (from Billings, USA) posted this review on March 8, 2014

This guide is amazing. I got started with digital photography just 2 months ago, but Your Guide To Digital Photography has already taught me a lot of strategies. I would have spent a few thousand dollars on a formal digital photography course, but here, I saved a lot. Another awesome thing here is that I didn’t have to have a high-quality digital camera. Just the regular one works great. The bonuses are so helpful too. They have a lot of additional tips and tricks  for improving image quality. There are also good editing and retouching ideas here so you don’t need to get another one for that.

It's been very helpful for me
posted this review on August 7, 2013

The 5 chapters included in this course are wonderful! They are easy to understand, and they really helped me improve my photography without actual training. Photography trainings and seminars are terribly expensive in my area. I’ve checked out a few of them, but never really had the chance to join because of the cost. Good thing I found Your Guide To Digital Photography. For merely 50 bucks, I got the same stuff others learn from formal digital photography lessons. I’m finally making the most out of my SLR camera. In fact, I’m planning to make some money from this now by getting into stock photography, wedding photography, and those other things. Then maybe I can use the money I will earn from those to finally get advanced photography lessons and workshops because this is really just the basics.


Your Guide To Digital Photography is the most comprehensive...

...easy to understand and the best value for money around. Dan made it understandable for everyone from the photographic virgin to the most experienced who just needs a refresher. This is excellent. He took the confusion out of my hobby. Sometimes the worry over f stops and shutter speed, low or high ISO, takes the fun and spontaneity out of using the camera. Dan has given me back the pleasure of using my digital camera.

Jill Gjillkaye

Well-organized, well-written!

"Your Guide To Digital Photography" is a well organized, well written introductory guide to digital photography. No stone is left unturned. With the many choices available to us in the digital photography market today, Dan Feilding's "Your Guide To Digital Photography" provides real answers to questions one might have before and after purchasing a digital camera..

Peter Maguire

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