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The Absolute Secret is a collection of eight inspiring books that reveal different aspects of the Secret. These books will help you discover the true nature of the Secret and show you how you can use it to materialize health, love and financial abundance in your life.

Each book from the Absolute Secret collection has one central message and is connected to other books in an amazing way. These books will show you how to break free from your old, negative patterns and use the Law of Attraction in the right way. All you will need to do is follow a few easy steps and you will be on your way to realizing your goals.

The Absolute Secret collection comes with five additional books that are related to the Secret and time-limited audio bonuses.

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You will be able to remodel your life too!
posted this review on February 11, 2013

I like how The Absolute Secret organizes the theories in 8 different short guides. I am a witness to how awesome the ideas in each book weave together. If you’ve been interested in manifestation and the law of attraction for quite some time now, I’m sure you’ve already read a lot of books, and you’re thinking that you won’t find something new here anymore. I’m telling you that you will. The Absolute Secret will help you dispel negativities in your life. You will be filled with positive thoughts after finishing the books, and that is going to be the starting point of your new life. I have been able to remodel my life and my goals using the things I learned from The Absolute Secret. There are also a lot of bonuses that you will get with the package. Each with their own central message that supports the core teaching of the The Absolute Secret.

The easiest way to positive thinking
posted this review on December 10, 2012

The Absolute Secret features the ultimate way to achieve dreams and goals. The books aim to change your belief system so you can materialize whatever it is that you want in your life. The steps are quite easy,  and the rewards are fantastic, so I highly recommend this to anyone who think negatively.

Perfect for law of attraction beginners
posted this review on September 29, 2012

This basically teaches newbies how to take advantage of the law of attraction in the easiest way possible. The “Secret” cannot be found in other books. Believe me, I’ve read a lot of other law of attraction books for so many years, and although some of them have very useful information of techniques, this one is completely unique. I think this one is more suited for beginners, so they can cut the crap, and move directly to practice. The techniques are very easy, so they’re perfect for first timers and skeptics. Also, the whole course is divided into 8 bite-sized pieces, which makes digestion easier for the beginner. I bought this quite late, as I’ve already been reading and practicing law of attraction a lot before I found this. I hope I found this when I was just getting started. It would have made the process easier for me, but anyway, I’d still recommend this to beginners.

Moving book
posted this review on August 13, 2012

It’s hard to find great inspirational books among all of the trash online, but this one is a real gem. Each page is heartwarming and encouraging. Personally, I bought this because I thought it was the manifestation book my friend told me about. After seeing that it was different, I got disappointed at first, but upon reading it, I was actually pleased to get a chance to read it. I still bought the other manifestation book, but I’d say that if you really need change in your life, you probably just need a bit of inspiration and this book really delivers. It’s got awesome teachings that leave you thinking long after you’ve finished it. I hope you give it a chance to help you become a better version of yourself. It’s gotten me striving to be better ever since I read it. It’s the one book I’d recommend to everyone who needs to feel better about their lives.

gives me the push I need every day
posted this review on July 5, 2012

I’m a collector of inspiring books, and I’d say these 8 books are among the best I have. They deliver powerful messages I love sharing with my loved ones. It is basically a more realistic way of using the law of attraction to power your life. I always feel so positive after reading it. The way each book relates to the others is also amazing. Right now, I have the books printed and bound. They’re resting peacefully in my bookshelf, ready to make me feel better whenever I need a little push.

The audio books are exceptional. I listen to them on my way to and from the office to get rid of the negativities I have to face every day. On weekends, I set aside special “me” time to listen to them and some others in my collection.



The most inspiring collection of books I've ever read. I now realize exactly what I've been doing right - and wrong. If you don't yet know about The Absolute Secret, don't waste a second longer. Buy it!"

Karl Moore

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