Anita Leembruggen

Anita Leembruggen was not a ballet prodigy, nor a natural dancer. In fact, she started dancing later than most ballerinas, and had a hard time catching up. Her first experience in the ballet class was a total failure, which left her in tears and almost made her give up her dream. She wanted to learn ballet so much, but was overwhelmed with all the terminologies and movements she had to learn at once. During that time, all she wanted was a resource she could buy to help her practice at home. To her dismay, all she found are a little bit of tips here and there. Nothing was helpful, so she had no choice but to keep on attending her ballet class, and to endure the embarrassment she feels whenever she couldn’t follow.

Years later, Anita’s hard work paid off, and she got the award "Top In Dance" during her senior year in school. She ended up a ballet teacher after mastering the dance for years. She finally realized her dream of becoming a ballerina, which made all her struggles worth it.

While teaching, Anita found out that there are students who feel just as she felt when she first barged into ballet class. A student even asked her for a resource she could buy to be better at ballet. She felt for the student, since she clearly remembered asking her ballet teacher the same thing years ago. This put her to work, and she wrote the first draft of what will be her first ballet eBook.

At first, the book was just a guide for her students to follow whenever they practiced at home. However, it became quite a sensation until Anita decided to start publishing it online. The eBook is now known as The Ballet Bible - The 3 Simple Rules of a Prima Ballerina, and it continues to be a heaven-sent guide to ballet learners all over the world.


Ballet bible by Anita Leembruggen
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The Complete Ballet Bible Package by Anita Leembruggen started out as a small ballet instruction manual entitled ‘The 3 Simple Rules of a Prima Ballerina’, but has now grown into the biggest self-study ballet instruction course available. In its current form it truly deserves the name Ballet Bible. The Ballet Bible Package is divided into 4 parts. The first part is the aforementioned...
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