Bradley Thompson

Bradley Thompson has been manifestation, even before it was called manifestation. He has been harnessing its full power for 20 years, and had really big achievements because of it. Over these years, he has manifested his own “home castle” near Scotland, his multi-pound business, his dozens of successful products, his awesome circle of friends, and his own wife – Jane.

Of course, before Bradley enjoyed these successes, he had to learn how to manifest. 20 years ago, he found the real secret to manifesting his desires. He read a lot of really old resources on the subject, some dating back from the late 1800’s. Upon learning this, he developed his own simple six-step technique for manifesting everything he wants. The technique was much more effective than other works, since it contains all of the critical information that other manifestation systems miss. Soon, Bradley was manifesting all of his desires effectively.

Years later, Bradley created the Subliminal Power tool, which is currently installed in about a million desktops all over the world. He also pioneered the "5-part Encoding System" (tm) that is being used by thousands of subliminal CDs. Some of his biggest clients are AT&T, the US Army, IBM, FedEx, the BBC, and British Telecom.

Aside from his manifestation tools, Bradley also has a lot of eBooks about self-development and mastery of the mind’s power. Some of his most popular works are Be Psychic, Lucid Dreaming Kit, Motivator, The Absolute Secret, and Quantum Cookbook.

Bradley is still working on more self-development and manifestation products that he regularly puts up for sale on his website. He also works regularly in London, Southern Scotland, and in the UK.


Quantum Cookbook by Bradley Thompson
(36 votes)
Quantum Cookbook is 140-page book that will teach you how to practically manifest anything you want in your life. The book is based on 6-step manifestation technique. The main advantage of this book over other manifestation guides is the fact that it gives you the exact steps you need to follow for successful manifestation. You will learn how to create an effective manifestation ritual and apply...
The Absolute Secret by Bradley Thompson
(16 votes)
The Absolute Secret is a collection of eight inspiring books that reveal different aspects of the Secret. These books will help you discover the true nature of the Secret and show you how you can use it to materialize health, love and financial abundance in your life. Each book from the Absolute Secret collection has one central message and is connected to other books in an amazing way. These...
Subliminal Studio by Bradley Thompson
(33 votes)
Subliminal Studio is a software package that allows you to create your own subliminal tapes, mp3s or CDs within a couple of minutes. The software comes with free 60-page guide, Developing Your Own Subliminal Studio. Within this .pdf book, you will find out the exact process of creating your own subliminal recordings, which words and phrases you should and shouldn't use, the truth about...
Lucid Dreaming Kit by Bradley Thompson
(26 votes)
Lucid Dreaming Kit will show you how to master the skill of lucid dreaming in just 7 short days. It will help you be aware when you are dreaming and show you how to control your dreams. The Lucid Dreaming Kit will enable you to make use of the full potential of your brain, become more creative, overcome your fears, and enjoy heightened sexual pleasure. The main part of the Lucid Dreaming Kit is a...
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