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Automobile addicts will surely enjoy reading’s Automobile Electronics & 4-stroke engines eBook. This 148-page guide explains everything you need to know about vehicle technology, electronic engine management, diagnostic and testing procedure, the functions and operation principles of each engine component, and a lot more. It mainly discusses new generation engines, but gives overviews of older ones to give you an idea of how they work. You will find 300 photos inside the manual that will help you learn faster. Both beginners and pros in the automobile electronics field will definitely find this eBook a good read.

The contents of the guide are organized into different sections that cover different aspects of automobile electronics. The first few pages aim to give you an overview of certain parts and terminologies, such as engine control units and sensors, catalytic converters, four stroke otto and diesel engines, and a lot more. You will also get a section on diagnostic advice, so you can troubleshoot your own engines. Some problems addressed in this section are increased fuel consumption, poor break efficiency, erratic igling, and dead engine.

Whether you are an automobile hobbyist or someone who wants to learn automobile repairs for profits, Automobile Electronics & 4-stroke engines will be worth your money. This information-packed eBook will teach you exactly how to maintain and fix automobile engines, regardless of your current knowledge level. With its easy-to-understand text and corresponding photos, you will surely find learning easy and enjoyable.

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