Body Groove

by Misty Tripoli,

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Body Groove by Misty Tripoli is a workout program with a purpose – to help women get healthier and fitter while loving their body. Misty had struggled with her own body for 15 years. She was a fitness trainer with an eating disorder, and she was very unhappy with her body. She felt fat, and she often compared herself to models in magazines. She’d tried starving herself and killing herself with workouts, and then bingeing whenever she felt tired and worn out. However, she realized that in order to be healthy, she must love her body and enjoy making it look good. That’s why she embraced dancing for fitness and that is what really made her healthier and fitter. Her dance sessions in her apartment turned into Body Groove and it has already helped so many women achieve Misty’s success. Now, you too can gain access to Misty’s fun and confidence boosting workouts through Body Groove.

Body Groove comes with 3 components, which are the videos, the audios, and the music to which you will groove your body into shape. There are a total of 30 dance workout routines. That’s enough to last you an entire month without repeating any routine. All of these routines are suitable for all fitness levels. You don’t have to worry even if you’re at 200 lbs. Just follow Misty’s lead and you will soon be blasting those fats away and feeling lighter and healthier.

Working out doesn’t have to feel like a punishment. In fact, the most effective fitness routines are the easiest ones because they’re the most sustainable. Body Groove can provide you with the most enjoyable workout routine you will ever find, so getting and staying in shape can become an addictive activity for you.

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Made me feel fantastic about my body
On-Site Review

The best benefit isn't weight loss - although I did lose 3 dress sizes. I think it's how you feel. So you're not focusing on a number on a scale, but you're feeling healthy, you just feel fantastic in your body.

Rebecca T

This is more than working out
On-Site Review

For me, Body Groove became about more than working out. It's the mindset Misty puts you in. You adjust how you look at yourself, and how you look at the world. You transform, and I lost 50 pounds.

Diana H

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