CityVille Conquest

by Dave "The Game Whiz",

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Do you love playing CityVille? Wonder how you can gain maximum payouts, have more neighbors, build skyscrapers, and become the next CityVille tycoon?

Dave "The Game Whiz" will show you what you can do to take your game to the highest level in CityVille Conquest. This "Platinum Standard" CityVille guide reveals the powerful tips, tricks, and strategies that you can use to conquer the game and build your dream city. It is the same blueprint the author used to totally conquer CityVille; build a level 60 city with skyscraper condos, a modern art gallery, atrium lofts, etc.  in 17 days; collect all the collections; and have plenty of coins and cash left.

CityVille Conquest is 100% legal and contains no hacks, cheats, and bots. Inside, you will discover the proven methods to earn coins and get points fast, how to add dozens of neighbors within 1 hour, ways to easily track your crop production, the layouts expert CityVille gamers use to create maximum payouts, techniques to get the items everyone wants to have, how to double or triple your CityVille coins on complete autopilot overnight, and much more.

With the CityVille Conquest guide, you will be armed with the right info so you will avoid the mistakes most players make. You will be able to acquire as much money and items as you wish, build the city of your dreams, and become a tycoon in no time without doing the hard work! Special bonus items will also be yours when you purchase this guide.

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I quickly advanced to Level 30 within 6 days.
On-Site Review

Before reading this guide, I was playing CityVille without a plan. Naturally, that did not get me far in the game. In fact, I was at Level 17 after 4 weeks. But with this guide, I quickly advanced to Level 30 within 6 days. It was amazing!

Dave showed me a different way to play CityVille and gaining levels and building a beautiful city is all within my reach.

Kim Vasquez

Now, my city looks great...
On-Site Review

I have to admit, my city was in a huge mess previously. All my buildings and crops were placed randomly and it wasn't really nice.

But when I saw the layout in this guide, it gave me a clear idea of how to plan out my city and rearrange my buildings and crops. Now, my city looks great and not only that, it is producing some serious coins and goods for me!

Raj Singam

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