Dabke 101 - How To Dabke

by Samir Hasan, www.dabke101.com

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Dabke is a fun and energetic Arab folk dance famous in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and a lot other Arabic countries. If you want to learn how to Dabke for any reason and for any occasion, Dabke 101 - How To Dabke by Samir Hasan and his student, Youssef. The two demonstrates exactly how to execute each Dabke move through the video lessons in this course. Samir noticed that there are very few places all over the world where people can learn Dabke, so he decided to offer it online where everyone can easily access it.

Dabke 101 - How To Dabke has over 80 minutes of high quality video instructions for each and every dabke step. There are 10 moves to learn and 3 full routines. These basic routines will help you master each dabke step until you can do everything on your own perfectly. The videos come in different angles, zooms, and speeds to facilitate your learning.

Aside from the main video course, you will get exclusive access to Dabke 101 – Music Channel and Dabke 101 – Video Channel that will provide you with Dabke music and lots of othr Dabke routines for you to practice. To help you get started, Samir included Dabke 101 – Quick Start Checklist.

Samir guarantees that you can learn Dabke even if you practice only for a few hours two times a week. You also don’t need to have a big space to start practicing. Your bedroom or your living room (if you have friends joining) should be enough for the average Dabke routine.

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Samir is the instructor you need
On-Site Review

Samir Hasan, one of the few and rare men who still keeps the true Palestinian heritage and culture running through his teachings to pure traditional Dabke dance that has become extinct in today’s life. Samir is very motivational and patient when practicing difficult moves and does not move forward until every member perfects the move. If you feel like learning the true Dabke dance, then Samir is the instructor you need. You will definitely sweat and get soar, are you ready?

Amer Khanfar

A professional Dabke teacher
On-Site Review

My experience with Samir’s Dabke classes was great. He is a professional Dabke teacher who knows how to take his students from a beginner level to professional level. His Dabke style is both traditional and authentic, and he knows the difference between all other Dabke styles… Syrian, Lebanese..etc. I highly recommend him as a Dabke instructor.

Mohammad Abu-Jarad

I really enjoy Dabkah now…
On-Site Review

When I first heard about learning Dabkah, I didn’t take it too serious, at the same time I really wanted to join, because it’s a traditional dance that I should know by now.  When I first started, I didn’t know anything about it, until I met Samir Hasan, our coach, and a group of amazing people that made me commit to Dabkah. We started practicing twice a week, putting good effort, and yes we improved a lot, we still need more practices but skills have improved a lot since we started. I really enjoy Dabkah now, and all this because we have a great passionate instructor who wants to give out everything he has and everything he knows, as a member of this great Dabkah team I highly recommend Samir Hasan to anyone that would like to know/learn Dabkah. Such a great person to meet and learn from.

Malek Kafaween

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