FrontierVille Tycoon

by Rachel Stark,

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FrontierVille Tycoon is a guide that reveals the secrets and techniques of author and FrontierVille level 100 player Rachel Stark. With the help of this guide, you no longer have to struggle to level up. It will be easy and quick for you to dominate the game.

The FrontierVille Tycoon guide does not focus on just one strategy. It covers every aspect of the game. Inside, you will discover the wrong strategies that most players use and what you can do to avoid their mistakes, the essential tips to building the ultimate frontier, techniques to level up fast, the tactics to get dozens of neighbors quickly, what to plant to maximize your income, the amazing way for tracking your crops, the ways to optimize your frontier layout, and more.

With FrontierVille Tycoon, you will have a step-by-step guide to all quests and collections. You will be able to boost your horseshoes overnight on complete autopilot. Like the author, it's possible for you to reach level 100 with the help of this guide. And with all the items that you can have, you can make the best and most experienced players jealous.

You will receive the FrontierVille Neighbor Magic Tool, the Complete Guide To FrontierVille Bonuses and Gifts, and the FrontierVille Horseshoe Report as bonuses if you purchase this guide.

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Friends ask what my cheat code is!...
On-Site Review

My co-workers used to have a pool to bet on how many hours I could spend on FrontierVille in one week – LOL! Sad but true! Of course they all play it too, and now they keep asking me what my secret is!

In just a week after reading the guide I think I did more in FrontierVille than I had over the whole month before! I just log in during my lunch break, maybe finish up a few goals when I get home, and I've got friends texting to ask what my cheat code is!! LOL!

I feel like I am cheating by using this guide, but everything is totally legit! This guide changed me from a cubicle Facebook junkie to a workplace superstar!

Amy R.,
Ottawa, ON CAN

I have a lot more time to enjoy the frontier with my son...
On-Site Review

My son and I really love FrontierVille, but after a few weeks of playing it just started to feel like homework for both of us! As soon as I picked him up from school he'd remind me “Daddy, did you plant crops?" or “Daddy, did you feed the chickens?" At first I was glad it was teaching him responsibility, but this was supposed to be a game we could use to relax and spend time together!

After following the strategies in this guide, I feel like I have a lot more time to enjoy the frontier with my son. I can still teach him valuable lessons like planning and resource management, but I can do it on my own time and my own terms. In one week we were able to clean up our frontier, get a handle on the way we were doing things, and set up a booming frontier town that he and I could both enjoy.

Marcus C.,
Louisville, KY USA

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