Horse Training Secrets Revealed

by Craig Parish,

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Horse Training Secrets Revealed is a program that will teach you the secrets and techniques of legendary horsemen and horse trainers. It is a compilation of valuable, long-lost manuscripts discovered by author Craig Parish. This program provides information on how to easily tame and train horses no matter how wild they are. Following this program is like hiring a professional trainer without the exorbitant cost.

Horse Training Secrets Revealed will teach you how to tame and train wild and vicious horses, how to pacify a scared horse, old-fashioned remedies for curing diseases, how to mount a horse, how to understand horses and much more. Some of this information was originally written back in the 1800's, and it's still very relevant today.  

Horse Training Secrets Revealed provides a wealth of information for horse owners and trainers. By the time you get through this comprehensive program, you'll be able to work with any horse. 

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Amazing horse training techniques
posted this review on August 2, 2014

Horse Training Secrets Revealed is amazing! I’ve learned so many new techniques here for training horses, and they’re amazing! When I was 12 years old, I got my first horse from my uncle who owns a farm. My parents sold it when we moved to the city. Now that I’m older, I’m working as a horse trainer. I was trained by another horse trainer here, but I felt like his techniques were lacking so I wanted to learn some more. With Horse Training Secrets Revealed, I learned a lot of things that I didn’t learn from my training trainer. I realized that he was using outdated horse training techniques and that I can do so much more if I use the techniques in this amazing guidebook. Right now, I am so much better than the person who taught me, and a lot other trainers are asking me how I do everything. I have always loved horses and it feels great having this connection with them. It’s like I’ve become their master, and it’s really easy for me tame and control them.

Getting better because of this guide!
posted this review on April 4, 2014

My uncle used to work as a horse trainer. When he retired, he endorsed me to take his place because I was jobless at that time. I had no idea in horse training, but my uncle reassured his boss that I was gonna learn really quick, so they took me in. It was a struggle for me during the first few months of working. I barely had any experience with horses prior to that, aside from the 2 week-long training I had with my uncle before he officially left the job. He gave me some basic instructions and told me to just learn as I got. It was hard for me even if I just started out as an assistant trainer. I found Horse Training Secrets Revealed just before I decided to quit for good. I was already looking for new jobs then because I felt like if I wouldn’t quit, I would get fired anyway.  I followed the tips and tricks on the book, and surprisingly, I tamed my first horse on my own in just a few hours. The other trainers there were really surprised with my improvement, and I was shocked with what I could do too. Right now, they’re letting me train two horses on my own. It’s still a bit difficult and there are still a lot of veteran tips and tricks for me to learn, but I sure am getting better at this!

It's quite effective
posted this review on January 21, 2014

I live on a farm with my two daughters. I manage it for a friend who’s working abroad. He’s a horse lover, so naturally, we have a lot in the farm. My daughters are now developing interest in horses, so naturally as the dad, I wanted to impress them by training the horses in the farm. I started with a pony, and I used most of the training techniques here. It’s a little difficult, but I think the techniques are effective. I successfully trained the pony on my first try. I’ve now trained 2 ponies and 3 horses in the farm. Most of them have never been trained since my friends moved to another country years ago. I think the methods here are excellent, but they do take some patience and caution. I was so nervous while I was training my first pony. And yeah, I think it’s a good idea to start small so if it kicks you, you have a bigger chance of survival. I don’t know about advanced horse training but I think the training methods here are enough to get the horses to interact with humans and to get them to let little kids ride them. That’s exactly my reason for training the horse anyway.

They're not very special, but they're good for beginners
Hans Jackson (from Alberta, Canada) posted this review on June 2, 2013

These “legendary” horse training secrets they’re talking about are actually the techniques real horse trainers use. They’re not some special magical horse training techniques, but they do work. It’s made for beginners, but there are also some intermediate tips you can use from this guide. It’s very clearly explained. The training instructions are effective for almost any kind of horse. I’ve tried it without prior experience in horse training, and it wasn’t that difficult at all.

My horse has become much easier to handle
posted this review on May 22, 2013

My brother is moving to Thailand, so he left his horse with me. I’ve never been a horse enthusiast, so I had no idea how to take care of these creatures, much more to train them. Watching YouTube videos didn’t help because the videos are just snippets of information for horse training, and they more often than not end up in advertisements for horse products. Horse Training Secrets Revealed helped me learn all the basics for horse training. It’s a simple guide on how to stop your horse from being a pain in the ass, and how to stop it from hurting you. When I first had the horse, I wanted to sell it because I thought it was just gonna end up hurting me or the kids, but since I trained him using the methods in this book, it’s become a lot easier to handle. It doesn’t balk and pull anymore. It’s just now that I’m feeling the benefits of having a well-behaved horse.

Informative book!
posted this review on January 14, 2013

I doubt the manuscripts story, but this is still a good resource if you want to learn how to train horses. It’s a pretty dangerous task so I suggest working with a buddy, but it’s fun too. I’ve already trained two of my brothers horses, and his entrusting his third one to me too. I didn’t have any formal lessons on horse training, just this.

Unique tips and tricks on training horses
posted this review on September 18, 2012

Not all of the techniques here are good for beginners in horses, but it’s still  a good deal because there are a lot of information on getting started with horses, and you can just move on to more advanced lessons as you learn. It’s quite dangerous to get anywhere near horses without learning much about them first, so this course is really a must-have. I just got my first horse when I started reading this book last year, and everything I learned about my horse, I learned from this. I haven’t tried dealing with wild horses yet, but as for training and taming the horse I bought, this has been effective. I also like the tips and tricks here that make the job easier. I mean, it’s easy to find mainstream information on training horses but the unique strategies on this eBook make the task easier and a lot more fun.


This book is a horseman's Bible

It covers all subjects in an easy to digest manner and is a must for anyone starting out caring for horses.

As for the experienced horseman, it cuts down on nine tenths of the hard work and frustration that we have all undergone. There are bits we know, but hell of a lot that we should know but need years of work to find out.

I wish I had found this book at the beginning of my career with horses, I would never have had to work so hard to achieve the results that this book shows can be done in a fraction of the time.

Terry Symons,
Yorkshire, England

The methods work, simply amazing.

It wasn't until I read the book by JS Caroll that I realized these are the same methods my late stepfather, a very amazing horseman, used to gentle and train many wild horses caught up in the Peace Country (northern Alberta, Canada).

My first horse was a mare named Coco, never seen people until she was 6, I learned to ride on her. The methods work, I have seen them in action, simply amazing.
Sheri Hulan,

Grand Prairie, Alberta

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