How To Shake Your Booty In 30 Days!

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Do you want to lose weight without working out for countless hours, trying various diets, and taking weight loss pills? One effective "technique" that you might want to try is dancing.

Professional Samba teacher and performer Theresa Stevens can teach you how you can lose weight through pleasure and without suffering in How To Shake Your Booty In 30 Days! The author believes that pleasure is the secret essential ingredient to weight loss success. And anyone can achieve a hot, sexy, toned, and healthy body by dancing. Dance benefits not only your body, but also your mind and spirit. It makes you feel stronger, develops your focus, makes you alive and free, and more.

You will discover what dancing can really do for you in the complete How To Shake Your Booty In 30 Days! system. This system is perfect for both beginners and experienced dancers. It includes the How To Shake Your Booty In 30 Days! video and the How To Samba With Theresa Stevens video. The system also comes with the bonus video, How To Design Your Samba Costume and the 30 Days To Dance Your Way To BodyJoy! e-book.

How To Shake Your Booty In 30 Days! is easy to understand and follow. Not only will this system help you lose weight, it will also help you learn to dance. 

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I learned so much from Theresa! So fun!
posted this review on February 25, 2014

Hi, I’m Angela, a schoolteacher from the USA, and I’m sharing my story to inspire people all over the world to just let it go and dance their way to fitness. I can’t believe it took me 54 years and a divorce to discover just how fun and energizing dancing is. After my divorce, I was really down. My doctor told me to look for activities that I can enjoy. I tried a lot of things to make myself happy. Before my divorce, I dedicated most of my time to my husband and to my kids. Even after they all got married and we parted ways physically, I was still very much involved in their personal businesses.

After the divorce, I decided to put myself first. My children, of course, were more than happy that I was already keeping my paws of their noses. I went to the gym, started eating healthy, and did other things that 50 somethings normally don’t do. My friends told me I was having delayed mid-life crisis, but I didn’t care about them. Then I discovered How To Shake Your Booty In 30 Days, and it became my favorite fitness activity. I never danced when I was young, and having the training was awesome for me. I finished the 30-day program, and now I regularly invite other divorcees for dance parties in my home. We all enjoy it.

I’ve written Theresa a letter thanking her for such an awesome job in this course. She’s a delightful little sprite, and I learned so much from her!

You surely won't regret trying this one out
Matilda Robles (from Van Horne, USA) posted this review on February 17, 2014

I’ve already finished my 30 day booty shake bootcamp and I can say that I’ve never been this in love with moving my body. I’ve tried many different ways to lose weight including boxing, muay thai, basketball, jogging every damn morning, and a lot others, but I never enjoyed any of them. I’ve always been a couch potato. If I had a choice, I’d be on my laptop the entire day, checking out 9Gag and other funny websites. But How To Shake Your Booty In 30 Days changed the way I look at dancing. It’s become so much for me now even when I’m alone. You don’t need to have a dance group to enjoy this. It’s so upbeat and lively, and seeing yourself covered in so much sweat is fulfilling. Theresa is also a great teacher. She created this program for beginners, and she never fails to teach beginners the way they need to be taught. I was a total beginner when I got started with this and I emailed Theresa for a few tips and tricks. I promptly received a reply, and I appreciate that. I know there are a lot other dance lessons on the internet but if you’re a beginner and you need something that’s both fun and easy to follow, this is what you need to get. I guarantee you won’t regret trying this. It’s made me lose so much weight and I got a new talent too – booty shaking!

Dancing is cheaper than visits to the shrink!
Angela Hilbert (from Surry, USA) posted this review on September 26, 2013

Earlier last year, I was diagnosed with depression. It happened shortly after divorce. I thought I was doing well, until I broke down in the office, and was put under the care of a shrink for quite some time. I also gained so much weight within that period and that weight gain caused me to fall into depression even further. How To Shake Your Booty In 30 Days helped me recover. My doctor said I have to look for a fun hobby, so I thought of something that can also get rid of my flabs. I started dancing with some friends, using How To Shake Your Booty In 30 Days. I now join other dance events. I’ve lost a lot of weight and gained my confidence back. I feel sexier in skimpy dance clothing now, and partying has become a regular part of my life.

Better body, posture, and self-esteem
Vernice Ross (from Berry, USA) posted this review on August 3, 2013

I love How To Shake Your Booty is that you don’t just lose weight, you also develop your confidence in the process. I have been a fan of shake your booty for more than 2 months now. The first 30 days, I lost so much weight. It’s so enjoyable that I can do the routines over and over again and never tire of them. I usually dance with my gals in the office. We have a nice room in the office that isn’t being used anymore, so we dance there whenever we have the chance. I also dance alone in my apartment when I’m bored. It’s definitely so much better than eating when you are bored, right? Since I started dancing, my posture has changed a lot. I also walk better now. It’s like I was really able to tap into my inner sexy goddess. I feel like a different woman now with my new body, and my skyrocketed self-confidence. I highly recommend How To Shake Your Booty to all girls who want a major change in their bodies and in their lives.

This is the most fun way to lose weight!
posted this review on July 20, 2013

For me, dancing is the best way to lose weight. I don’t feel like I’m exerting effort at all because dancing is really something I find very very enjoyable. I usually dance alone because I have the apartment to myself, but sometimes I have friends come over and we shake our booties together. How To Shake Your Booty In 30 Days is my favorite because it allow me to target problem areas through dancing. My confidence has also improves so much because I feel 10x sexier now than before! It’s true that when you’re doing something fun with your body, your mindset also changes, and that’s what can make you seem so much sexier. If you have time, I highly suggest watching Theresa’s dance transformation story on her website. That helped inspire me to go booty shakin’ for weight loss.

It's great dancing the fats away!
posted this review on July 9, 2013

Going to the gym and running are very boring for me. I’ve been looking for a fun workout for a long time, and How To Shake Your Booty In 30 Days! Gave me exactly what I wanted’ I usually dance the fats away with my daughters 4 times a week! I’ve already lost a lot of weight, and it’s great because I love what I’m doing.

Fun and easy to follow
posted this review on September 11, 2012

The videos in here are so easy to follow, which makes dancing so much more enjoyable. I tried attending dance sessions at the gym before, but the instructor doesn’t teach the steps step by step. You just have to watch how he does it and follow along. I don’t want that because I look stupid in front of many people. With the videos here, I get to do everything in my living room, and the instructions are easy to follow too, so I feel like I learn quickly and I enjoy it more. It’s also so effective for weight loss! i sweat so much while dancing, and I just imagine how much calories I burn all the time, and I just want to keep on dancing until I get my desired weight!

I lose weight while having so much fun!
posted this review on August 6, 2012

I’ve always wanted to lose weight, but I don’t enjoy going to the gym. I tried playing sports like badminton and volleyball, but I didn’t like them that much, either. My friend suggested I try dancing, but I don’t know how to dance, so I don’t want to go to dance classes or aero-dance sessions in the gym. I’m lucky I found How To Shake Your Booty In 30 Days! I learned so much from it, although at first, I felt silly dancing alone in my room. It’s extremely easy to follow, even for someone like me who really don’t have any background in dancing. I enjoyed it so much that after learning from Theresa’s lead, I started attending dance classes at the dance studio near our place just to socialize with people of the same passion. I really love dancing now, and I’ve lost so much weight because of it. It’s great losing weight without feeling tortured.


Buy Theresa's dance videos!

Before Theresa's dance videos, I didn't know how to dance in a social environment. Now I have so much fun going out 2 nights in a row to dance! If you want the sexiest shaking booty, you want to buy Theresa's dance videos.


It was exciting and it felt good.

After dancing with Theresa for a few days in a row, I was surprised that my body started moving in ways that I never thought it could move before. It was exciting and it felt good. And it's not just while I am doing the dance videos—when I am out in my real life, I feel like I am holding myself differently, walking differently, just more free and feminine and beautiful. And that is definitely a testament to the videos and Theresa.


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