Reading Music Notes With Ease for the Earliest Beginner

by Betty Wagner,

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Reading Music Notes With Ease for the Earliest Beginner is an e-book that will help children learn to read, recognize and play musical notes with ease. It will turn the learning process into a fun game that kids, parents and teachers will enjoy. 

The book uses humorous illustrations and special "Gang of Seven" characters linked to each note that make learning enjoyable. There are audio clips attached to each character that make the program interactive. Students will learn to recognize notes on the staff and the keyboard and will also learn how they sound. The characters also tell stories about musical terms and the positions of the notes.

Adult students will like Reading Music Notes With Ease for the Earliest Beginner as well. It will help them understand the basics of music theory and get their musical education started. 

Reading Music Notes With Ease for the Earliest Beginner also includes 3 free bonus items, including flash cards and games that will further enhance the experience of learning to read music. 

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It's made learning so fun for me and my daughter
Cheska Nadal (from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) posted this review on July 29, 2014

I use Reading Music Notes With Ease for the Earliest Beginner when teaching my 6 year old about music. I have very basic music knowledge, but I want to teach my child on my own because I’m scared of entrusting her to a music school at this point. I want her to have an edge over other children before I get her into a music school. Reading Music Notes With Ease for the Earliest Beginner has been very helpful for the both of us. It’s made everything a lot more fun for my child, and a lot easier for me as well. It’s something I’d definitely recommend not just to moms, but also to music school for kids.

Love this for my
posted this review on May 27, 2014

I love this for my 6 year old daughter. She showed interest in music at a really early age. I’m not that good at music although I have a bit of background too. This one helps me a lot in teaching her how to read music and how to create it. Wonderful course for children!

Makes learning music so much fun for kids!
Cess Surley (from Brownsville, USA) posted this review on September 4, 2012

The first stages of learning are crucial if you want to build a lifelong interest in music for your child. In my case, my daughter showed interest in music when she was 1 year old, dancing to Beyonce and j.Lo music while she can barely walk, and then progressing to singing Disney songs when she turned two. My daughter’s a very smart kid and I wanted to support her love for music in any way I can.

Being on a tight budget, I chose to teach her music on my own using resources that are available to us such as this one. I don’t want to send her to a low quality music school because I’m afraid that’d kill her interest in music. She’s developing quite a voice now, and I really want to improve it. I’m glad to share that my daughter loves this resource. She enjoys learning from the Gang of Seven, and we do the fun activities together. I have a bit of knowledge in music, so it’s easier for me to teach, but since it’s very basic and easy to understand, I’m sure parents who know absolutely nothing about music will also find it easy to teach using this resource. Of course, this is just the basic, and as your kid progress, you will definitely need more advanced lessons and probably send them to a music school. This is just to save up and just to really bring out your kids interest in music. More of a preparation technique for the longer haul.

My daughter enjoys music so much more now!
Diana Cot (from Cleveland, USA) posted this review on July 30, 2012

I had a terrible music learning experience when I was a child, so my interest in it slowly faded as I grew older. My mom sent me to a music teacher who was a witch, and horrible to be with. I didn’t want to force my daughter in the same situation, but it was her who showed interest in music. I tried to teach her without any help, but it was difficult to keep our lessons engaging. When I found this music course specially made for kids, I was overjoyed! It’s exactly what I’m looking for. My daughter enjoys our classes so much that she even invited her best friends to come over and join hoping to get them inspired to learn music. I sometimes have 3 of them learning with me during the weekends, which helps me save money and energy, since we just stay at home. Now my daughter has become even more in love with music. I’m so lucky to have found this course!


It certainly worth the money

By focusing on THE big problem in piano lessons - remembering and recognizing notes -, Betty Wagner has made a small breakthrough for all the long-suffering music students out there. I especially liked the cute little characters in this ebook. And with the great bonuses, it's terrific value for money!

Carol Webster,
Sydney NSW, Australia

I can finally remember the bass cleff

Gosh, I think this is going to help this old codger when singing in our church choir. I always have trouble remembering what the notes are in the bass clef!! I'm a tenor and every so often our notes are in the bass clef.
I also hope to use this with my grandchildren.

Cliff Milner,
Rochester, NY

I will use it with my students

I really liked the book, especially the part about the notes... I am going to use it for my piano students and recommend it to others also!

Emily Barker,
Boston, MA

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