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Roulette Swagger is a roulette betting system designed by a professional online roulette player. This software program is based on a secret system that works for live wheels and is guaranteed to make you money. The program is easy to set up and even easier to use. It's been tested for 4 years, and over this time it's never failed to multiply the deposit invested in the game. No system can guarantee you a win on every spin, but as long as you come out with a profit in the end, you're a winner!

Roulette Swagger works automatically. You don't need to analyze, calculate or write anything down. It generates the numbers you should bet on the roulette wheel based on previous spins. This is not basic red and black betting, as its complicated formula generates the exact number that is most likely to win. You can use it in any live wheel casino, but it is not RNG (Random Number Generator) roulette. 

Roulette Swagger is a proven winning system that will change your luck and bank account for the better.

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This really changed the way I play roulette
posted this review on February 3, 2014

Roulette Swagger changed the way I play roulette into something great. I was not into roulette before but because of this, I got enticed to bet more. Some people think this is a total waste of money, but for me it’s my source of income, and I’m happy to be making money doing something simple and something that I really enjoy doing. I strongly recommend that you try this at least once in your life. Once you hear the extra jingles in your pocket, I’m sure you will change your mind about roulette.

Addicted to roulette in a good way!
posted this review on January 6, 2014

The truth is that nothing beats the excitement I get from live wheel roulette. I tried RNG roulette before but I felt like I was being cheated by some sort of computer. Live wheel is still better because you’re leaving it all to fate. Well not really, Roulette Swagger proved that to me. I’ve been earning a lot more now that I’ve already discovered Roulette Swagger. I thought before that roulette is totally random, but now I’ve found something that can help me bump up my odds of winning. I’ve gotten more addicted to roulette but in a good way!

Definitely worth investing in
posted this review on December 28, 2013

If you really want to make money from roulette and not just play roulette, you need this. I’ve tried so hard making money on my own but it was no use. No matter how hard I try to understand it, I just couldn’t get how to predict winning numbers. Then I found Roulette Swagger and in the first month alone, I made 2000 bucks. I never make less than a thousand dollars now because of this. It’s really worth investing in.

It completely turned my life around
posted this review on November 2, 2013

I’m glad that Roulette Swagger successfully turned my life around. This is such a big thing to say but it’s true. Before I found Roulette Swagger, I was living with my parents and I didn’t have a job. I stopped working for my old job as an ice cream truck driver because I was getting paid so little. My sibs all hated me for living on our parents’ money. They also hated me for gambling. I was a drunk and a gambler then. But when I found Roulette Swagger, it was like I found light at the end of the tunnel. The first time I won $500 from here, I knew I was onto something special. I kept betting through Roulette Swagger and I kept on earning too. I’ve now moved out of my rents’ home. I am earning a fulltime income betting on roulette. I never imagined roulette betting can be a lifesaver. I highly recommend Roulette Swagger if you want to make betting something like a business.

Definitely the easiest way to earn money
posted this review on June 15, 2013

I’m making 3,000 to 6,000 bucks a month from playing roulette. I lost my college scholarship, so I had to quit school. I stayed at home doing nothing for a few months, and then I read about Roulette Swagger. My mom was furious at first because I was blowing all of my allowance on gambling, but when I started giving her money instead of asking money from her, she totally changed her mind. I’m planning to go back to college with my roulette money. I want to make the most of this roulette betting system, while it still works.

This is the best live wheel roulette system I've tried
James Elm (from Brewer, USA) posted this review on May 30, 2013

Roulette Swagger is the best live wheel roulette system I’ve tried. It’s got the highest win rate among all the others, and it’s very easy to use too. There’s practically nothing to learn. It’s got a complex formula for predicting the outcome of each game, but it does everything on its own. There’s no need to analyze past results and do manual computation. In fact, they’re keeping their formula a secret, so only their system can do it. Because of Roulette Swagger, I grew my bankroll form a pathetic few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars in less than a month. The secret is that I RARELY LOSE, and no amount of money management strategy can match that.

It's easy to follow and the win rate is high!
posted this review on May 20, 2013

I learned the scams behind RNG casinos, so I tried live wheel roulette, and it’s really more exciting. Roulette Swagger is the very first betting system I tried for live wheel roulette, and I was right for choosing this over others. The testimonials  here are accurate! I get from 60 to more than 70% win rate because of Roulette Swagger. The system is based on a certain mathematical equation, but don’t worry you won’t have to learn rocket science for that. In fact, you can master the system in just minutes like I did, and I promise you, I suck at math.

It got me back into live wheels
Perry Jocson (from Callaway, USA) posted this review on May 20, 2013

I’ve quit playing live wheels since I got started with online casinos, but because of this I got back into playing live wheels. My friend who beta tested this told me about how it earns her money. She’s been playing live roulette for as long as I can remember, but this is the first time she’s told me about a certain product that helped her improve her winnings.  She said she earned 15,000 bucks from this software in just a month of testing. I tried it, and after winning almost a thousand bucks playing live wheel for a day, I thought it was promising, so I kept on playing live wheel, and I’m still doing it until now. This is usable in different countries. My friend lives in Australia, and I’m in the US. You don’t have to be in the UK to take advantage of this. I suggest downloading it now and seeing for yourself. If it doesn’t work for you,  you can return it anyway.

Too bad it's only for live wheels
Homer Perry (from Lanham, USA) posted this review on April 27, 2013

Too bad this is only good for live wheels. The win rate I pretty high. Nothing I’ve seen before. The bad part is that I’m more into online roulette than live roulette. If they can come up with the same high win rate for RNG roulette then it will be perfect. For now, I only use this from time to time when I have the chance to go to live casinos.

It's the best live roulette betting system for me
posted this review on April 26, 2013

This is hands down the best roulette betting system for live roulettes. It’s got all factors in live roulette betting taken into consideration so the results you get are better than others.

I think it works
posted this review on February 23, 2013

Roulette Swagger got me some wins the past two months. It’s my longest and biggest winning streak so far, so I trust this product.

I hope there's an online version too
posted this review on January 31, 2013

I hope the guys can also come up with a system as effective as this for online roulette. I like playing online roulette more, but since I got this system, live roulette has become really profitable, and I have no choice but to go to the casino to play. I play about 3 times a week, and I manage to make about a thousand to two thousand dollars every week. It’s not enough to shoot me to millionaire status, but it’s still a pretty good side income for me and the family. My wife was surprised the first time I gave her my earnings from roulette. Thanks to roulette swagger!

Barry M (from Fort Eustis, USA) posted this review on January 21, 2013

If you play live roulette and you need a quick way to earn money from it, then look no further. Since I found Roulette Swagger, I had a lot of winning streaks everytime I play. I play about twice a week, and this has already improved my bank roll so much. I’m very happy with the results I get from roulette swagger! It’s really awesome!

This system is really good!
Dante M (from Olathe, USA) posted this review on January 19, 2013

I’m glad that I found roulette swagger. I used to play roulette online, but I accidentally bought this thinking that it will work for virtual roulette. When I found out that it’s made for live roulette, I immediately tried live roulette and I gotta say I enjoy it more than the online version. Roulette Swagger is also really good, and I’ve already blown up my bank roll in just a short time!

Guaranteed more wins than losses
posted this review on January 16, 2013

Most of the systems I see online are for online roulette. I’m lucky enough to have found Roulette Swagger, which is made for live wheels. Nothing beats live wheels when you’re playing roulette. Online roulette is just good enough if you can’t go to the casino to play. Roulette Swagger is fantastic! It’s got the highest win rate among all the systems I’ve used both for live and online gambling. Nope, you won’t win all the time, but you’re guaranteed more wins than losses. That’s something other roulette systems can’t give you.

I hit about 95% win rate with this
Gabrile C. (from Ibapah, usa) posted this review on January 6, 2013

Roulette Swagger is awesome! There was a time when I hit about 95% win rate using this! I can’t believe they’re selling it for such a low price. It does all the work for you. No computations or anything like that. You just go and play. I started with a bank roll of $50 one time, and got home with more than 900 bucks! My wife went crazy! I’ve used this for several live casinos, and it worked many times. I haven’t had a losing streak since I got this, but I do lose from time to time too. It’s just that I always win more than I lose, and that’s something. With Roulette Swagger, it’s really possible to earn big from roulette. You just have to be on the safe side and don’t go all out as there’s still some possibility for you to lose.

Guaranteed legal
Gerry Moth (from Olmito, USA) posted this review on December 24, 2012

Roulette Swagger has got to be the best roulette betting system ever! It’s automatic, so I don’t have to go crazy with computations and stuff. It also cuts down human error. Using the techniques in Roulette Swagger, I’ve grown my $200 to $4800 in just a month. I’m not saying that you’ll get the exact result because there are still other things to be considered like how much of a risk taker you are, and how often you play, but I think this is just about the average. If you’re planning on getting serious with roulette, Roulette Swagger is highly recommended.

The BEST system for live casinos
posted this review on December 6, 2012

You don’t get 100% win rate here because that’s impossible, but you are sure to get profits every month. It still depends on how much of a risk taker you are, and there’s still a tiny bit of luck involved, but honestly, this is the scientific way to play roulette. This only works for live roulette, though. These two types of roulette, online and live have very different mechanics, so it’s best not to interchange systems for the two. This is the BEST system if you’re going live. I’m making money consistently from this, and I don’t even bet that much. I bet just enough. If you are willing to take bigger risks, I’m sure you’ll earn more from this system.

posted this review on November 17, 2012

I’ve already tested the power of Roulette Swagger, and I’m impressed. My win rate has gone up 150% more than what I used to have in live wheels. I don’t know how this works for online roulette, but for live wheels, which are what I play, it’s awesome. I’ve tested it for 4 different casinos and the results are the same. it’s based on mathematics and probability, so it’s  not a cheat in any way. it’s 100% legal, so no worries. You will not be mobbed in the casino for using it. It’s also easy to use and it gievs you the exact number to bet on without having to do any computations.

From 50 bucks to 3000!
posted this review on November 9, 2012

I agree with the other dude in there, you can put your trust in this system and win! Don’t expect to be Warren Buffet in one night though. Just keep playing and sticking to this system. Also, track your wins and losses so you’ll know how much your getting and scale up from there.  I started out with 50 bucks, and now I got more than 3000 rolling! Just play smart and stick to the system! I repeat STICK to the system whatever happens!

I don't know how this works, but it works
posted this review on October 3, 2012

I’m very happy with this product so far. Although it doesn’t give me 100% win rate, I win pretty often now, and I always win back the money I lose plus more. I’d say I’ve made roulette a good source of income now just by putting my full trust on this amazing product. The best part is that I need to do very little work. The product does the bulk of the work for me, which is perfect because I’m lazy. If you’re gona ask me how it works, I don’t know, but as long as I’m earning money from it and it’s legal, I’m good.

Roulette Swagger is best in test!
posted this review on September 13, 2012

You can trust Roulett Swagger!

Works without hassle
Jackie Yen (from Athens, USA) posted this review on August 20, 2012

I like the fact that this product works without requiring me to do complicated analyses and computations. It is very easy to use, and gives me about 75%-85% win rate. This is the system I’ve been looking for all my life. I’ve always been confident that it’s possible to make money from roulette if you got the right system to use, so I’ve been buying different ones for ages until I found this. The fact that it requires very little work makes it even more awesome. I’d recommend this to everyone who plays roulette regularly. This is the only way to earn real money from roulette and it’s absolutely legal, so there really isn’t anything to be scared of. It’s based on math, and the way things work, not some weird power of the universe or any other weird stuff.

Increased my wins significantly
posted this review on July 13, 2012

I’ve been addicted to playing the roulette for years, and I’ve also tried numerous roulette betting systems out there. None of them ever worked except for this. This roulette system is the best I’ve had so far. Though it isn’t 100% accurate, my winnings have improved significantly since I got this. The fact that it automatically works makes me more confident on my bets too, so I don’t feel too guilty about gambling. I am now earning more than I lose, and my wife doesn’t get too angry whenever I play. I highly recommend this system!


I like it!

I like Roulette Swagger!!! I made so many money with it in just 2 weeks. It is so easy also. I just bet what Roulette Swagger tell me to bet. I am very glad I was on of the few that get to buy Roulette Swagger.

Hans Balak,
Frankfurt, Germany

I'm amazed!

I'm amazed! I started out with 100 euro and just after 3 days I was up to 900 euro. The system combined with the use of live wheel makes this software the best roulette software I have ever used. I can now be financial free just playing a few hours per day.

Gunnar Pettersen,
Bergen, Norway

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