Treasure Isle Hidden Facts

by Juan R.,

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Discover the secrets, techniques and strategies of a true Treasure Isle addict in Juan R.'s Treasure Isle Hidden Facts. If you want to know how to get as many fruits and gems as you can, level up fast and dominate this popular Facebook game, then this guide is perfect for you!

Treasure Isle Hidden Facts will provide you with all the information and tools that you need to master the game. Inside, you'll learn all the completely legal and hack-free tactics top Treasure Isle pros use. You'll also learn the best time to play Treasure Isle, how to get lots of fruits and start playing with loads of energy, the quick way to accumulate Island cash, the secret location of the Rain God and much more.

With Treasure Isle Hidden Facts as guide, you won't have to spend countless hours, gems and energy wandering and accelerating through the maps in Treasure Isle. This guide will help you become a true explorer and successful treasure hunter!

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No one should be playing Treasure Isle without it.
On-Site Review

I know I wasn't the greatest player to begin with but I've been able to help higher level players find missing pieces from the treasure set chart and also triple my energy levels so I can refill my energy bar another 3 times per playing session!

I'm really getting the hang of the techniques now too, this guide has been so helpful - no one should be playing Treasure Isle without it.


I was completely blown away by this guide.
On-Site Review

I was so sure that I knew everything about Treasure Isle and that there couldn't be any more to it, but I couldn't have been more wrong.

I never thought that Treasure Isle Hidden Facts would provide me with so much value, if I had known what was in this guide, I wouldn't have hesitated to get it.

I recommend this guide to everyone I know that plays Treasure Isle, when something is this good - you just want to tell everyone.

Raymond Monaro

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