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by Anita Leembruggen
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Didn't have problems with this

My daughter has just gotten started with ballet. She’s 10 now, and I think it’s pretty late. Most of her classmates started when they were just 6 or something. She found this on the Internet, and asked me to buy it for her since she wants to catch up with the other 10 year olds in class. She practices even at home using this program, and she told me it helps her a lot. She likes the videos more than she likes the eBook. The software I usually see her using too.

As for the problem with not receiving the product, I didn’t have any issues with that. I bought my daughter’s course last June, and back then, I got the entire set right away. I even sent an inquiry to Anita about installing the software, and I received a prompt response. I don’t know if they’re having problems right now or something. I suggested getting in touch with Anita if there’ a problem.