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by Andrew Grey
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It's definitely a complete guide book

We decided to raise swans in the backyard because we got a small pond in there, and it’s such a wasted space. We used to have fish in there but they all died, and it was just an empty pond for a long time. The Essential Beginners Guide To Raising Swans is a very helpful resource. We learned a lot about swans and how to raise them. They’re quite easy to raise if you know their needs. Just a bit more complicated than ducks, but they’re a lot more beautiful. It’s great just seeing them swim gracefully in the pond. It’s awesome for stress relief. I also got to understand their behavior so much better. We’ve now gotten into the next step, which is swan breeding. My husband and I are planning to sell swans in the future, so we want to learn swan breeding. Our space can accommodate a few more swans, so it’s ok.