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by Glee Leah May Josko
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Very detailed instructions

My 2 sisters and I have always been into fashion, since we were in grade school! Our mom is a really hip and fashionable woman, and she got us started really young. We’ve always wanted to start a fashion blog as sisters. We noticed that people usually look for unique concepts in blogs. My sisters and I have different styles, and the 2nd one is more into the plus size department. We thought of using that as something we can offer to readers. We got a lot of help from Publishing A Successful Fashion Blog because we don’t have any idea how blogs work. It was tough at first especially when we were just conceptualizing, but this guide’s been very helpful particularly in the technical aspect. We’re al not into computers, fashion’s our life. Now, the blog is gathering more and more readers. We’re right about them wanting this whole sisters with different styles thing. We’ve already gotten some sponsors, and our favorite at the moment is Romwe! They’re very generous when it comes to giving away stuff in exchange for reviews. If you want to get free stuff just by posting your OOTDs on the Internet, this book is gonna give you a good start.