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by Bradley Thompson
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A lot better than free manifestation resources

The title is a funny but this “cookbook” has done wonders for my life. I’ve read a lot about manifestation before, but I had no clear idea how it worked. When I got this book, the 6-step formula shed light on this subject pretty well. It laid out everything I needed to do, and kept me motivated in achieving my goals.

The book is pretty long, with more than a hundred pages, but it’s interesting to read, so it’s not an issue. With every page you finish, you will feel like you’re taking a step towards your goal and that it’s rare that you find a guide like it.  This is the first resource I bought on the subject, so I’m not sure how it compares to other paid ones. But compared to free resources you find online, this is waaaay better. Those free ones are just a waste of time.

I also liked the interviews as much as I did the book. They helped mold me into a believer of manifestation.