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What Husbands Can’t Resist will help you to have a fulfilling and successful marriage by better understanding your husband’s emotional triggers and needs. The author of this 115-page e-book is an acclaimed relationship expert, Bob Grant. In What Husbands Can’t Resist, he shares effective techniques that will help you become the wife your husband has always dreamed about.

According to the author, every wife has the power to shape and alter her husband the way she pleases. All she needs to do is make some minor adjustment in the way she thinks and acts around her husband; everything else comes naturally. Here’s a short preview of what you’ll learn in What Husbands Can’t Resist:

  • How you can get your husband to do the things you ask of him,
  • The single, most important thing you can do to bring more joy into a relationship,
  • The crucial ingredient in communication between spouses,
  • How to handle his primary fear so that he’ll always be close and loyal to you,
  • What sex really means to men and how it can make your husband love and adore you,
  • Unique ways to rekindle the romance in marriage,
  • The right way of handling conflicts,
  • How you can get him to listen to you with attention and respect,
  • How to be sure that your husband feels fulfilled and content in your marriage,
  • And more…

The complete title of the book is What Husbands Can't Resist - Powerful Insights That Will Make Him Want to Marry You All Over Again.

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I got my hubby's attention back
posted this review on September 22, 2013

Through this book, I realized that I don’t have to be a size 4 to be desirable. I’m a mom of three, and I gained so much weight through the years because of childbirth and a bad diet. My kids love sweets, so I bake a lot of them, and also chow them down with them. When my husband turned cold, I was really worried that he might be seeing someone. We went for months without sex, and although he was sweet in the morning before leaving for work, I still felt that something in him has changed. It was like he had no physical desire for me anymore. Instead of reading sex books, I decided to tap into his mind and his feelings for me as his wife. What Husbands Can't Resist helped me understand his situation. I know that I cannot compete with other women physically, but I shouldn’t have to compete with anyone for his love. I realized through this book everything that I’ve been doing wrong and how much I’ve changed since our dating days and the first few years of our marriage. This book helped me become that woman he fell in love with years ago. He suddenly became a lot sweeter again when I used on him the techniques I learned from this book. Right now, we have sex again whenever we can, and I’m not scared anymore of losing him to a sexier woman.

This helped me revive our relationship
posted this review on July 17, 2013

After getting married, I got really down, and I thought I didn’t know the man I married at all. It went on for about 3 months. I regretted getting married and I felt like my husband felt it too. After the rush of the wedding and the honeymoon cooled down, we started feeling like two strangers living under one roof. What Husbands Can’t Resist helped me revive our marriage. I learned how to please him, and keep him satisfied, and I think it’s what pushed him to try and be the best husband for me.

I love how most of the tips here are practical
posted this review on July 4, 2013

My husband and I are so much more intimate now because of What Husbands Can't Resist. I think I’ve really done a good job pushing our relationship into the hotter zone. It’s been cooling down the past few months, and I was sure it would die down into nothingness until I found this book. The tips aren’t at all too mushy and romantic, they’re more practical tips on how to run the relationship. The romance just follows soon after. This is highly recommended!

It helps me keep our home more harmonious
posted this review on May 25, 2013

If you want to learn more about your husband, and men in general, What Husbands Can't Resist is a good place to start. We usually don’t see our husbands as individuals because we’re so busy with our everyday lives. We usually expect them to be just good husbands and fathers, but we forget to consider their needs as men. What Husbands Can't Resist taught me how to remain a girlfriend, while being a good mom and wife. You don’t have to sacrifice any of those roles. I have a career too, so that’s a 4th role I have to play. It’s not easy, but if you want a harmonious home, it’s important to keep your husband happy as the man that he is, and not as the husband and the father that he should be. I think when you learn how to handle him as a man, everything just falls into place. He becomes a better husband, a better dad, and you get to have a better home in the end.

This will give you very mature advice
Jennifer Aines (from Fort Monroe, usa) posted this review on May 15, 2013

Men aren’t usually vocal with how they feel and what they want. They express their dissatisfaction by looking for someone better than you. That happened to me. My husband got involved with another woman, and during counseling, we found out that it’s because he’s not happy with me. While working out our differences, I read What Husbands Can't Resist. It’s the best relationship guide I’ve ever had. The relationship advice is very mature, and I believe they’ve worke well in our relationship too.

Bob's book did a great job to my relationship
posted this review on April 8, 2013

I’ve been married for 16 years, and I thought my marriage was going well. I didn’t notice that my husband was slowly losing his interest in me. One day, we had a fight and he poured it all out. How he’s very unhappy with me, how he doesn’t know the woman he married anymore, how I’m not being a wife, and how much he wanted a divorce. I cried all night because of that. He did say sorry to me after, but that doesn’t change the fact that I already knew everything he felt about me, and how much he thinks I’m a worthless wife. What Husbands Can't Resist helped clarify a lot of things for me. It sort of explained my husband’s side of the story to me and it helped me learn what he wants from me that I wasn’t giving him. I think what makes this book unique is how it aims to fix the relationship instead of teaching you how to manipulate the other person. I bought other relationship books along with this and this is what I liked most because it’s the most realistic of all.

Right now, our marriage is doing better. My husband’s sweeter to me now, and we’ve also made plans to be just an ordinary couple at least once a month. We’ll be on our day off then and we’ll date as though we’re just starting out.

I would like to thank the author of this book for all the help. Bob has done so much for us and he doesn’t even know us!

I think all wives should read this book!
posted this review on February 25, 2013

What Husbands Can't Resist is a book all wives and girlfriends should read. Living together has got a lot of pros, but it also has a lot of cons, and you need to turn to learn how to work around those cons if you want a harmonious home. Usually it’s the kids who suffer when you fail as a wife. For men, it’s easy to be a jackass when they feel bored or uninterested in their wives. I was like that before. I let go of myself and focused all energies on taking care of the family. My husband soon lost interest in me because I became more like a mom to him than a wife. What Husbands Can't Resist helped me bring back sexy ol me he fell in love with. I followed most of the suggestions in the book and the changes are surprising. I was really shocked when my husband asked me to marry him again!

The time-tested advice from the book helps
posted this review on February 4, 2013

What Husbands Can't Resist is a book with matured advice for wives who want to maintain a happy marriage. I was having a problem with my husband when I got this book and the simple advice here helped me fix everything. It’s still up to you to fix the problem but the time-tested advice will definitely help.

I learned a lot as a new wife
posted this review on January 24, 2013

This is a very entertaining and informative read for new wives. I got married 3 months ago, and right now we’re on the adjusting stage. I married a really good man, but we didn’t live together before getting married, so there are still some things about each other that surprise us. I want to get to know him as much as I can before we decide to have a baby. What Husbands Can't Resist taught me a lot about what husbands expect from their wives, and about the way they think. We do communicate, but I know there are things that he can’t tell me, just as there are things that I can’t tell him. I think it’s natural for people to be that way, even if you try your best to be open to each other. Right now, my marriage is really good, and I’m intending to keep it this way. I’m sure I’ll be able to use some of the things I’ve learned from here in the near future. For now, I’m just happy being a  good wife to my fantastic husband.

Mature advice for wives
posted this review on January 8, 2013

Just like most women are the same, most men are the same too, especially husbands. What Husbands Can't Resist taught me a lot about my husband. It’s a mature book, and the insight is for grownups. You won’t get some teenybopper advice for romance in here. What you will learn is how to work out relationships, and understand your husband more. The book is perfect for new wives, or those with troubled relationships. I was having problems with my husband then, and like any other woman, I resorted to blaming him for all the hardships and all the pain, but through this book, I learned to work with him instead of against him. Our relationship is so much better now that I understand him. Of course, my case is most probably different from yours, but I’m sure you’ll find ways to make the tips here work for you. If your marriage is worth saving, you have to read this book.

An eye-opener
posted this review on December 28, 2012

My husband and I have been arguing a lot lately. The holiday season’s stresses really blew our misunderstandings out of proportion. Just last week he threatened me with divorce, saying he will do it if I won’t stop my nagging. I didn’t see myself as a nagger. I actually thought he was the whiny one, always complaining about the way I handle things in the house when clearly he’s  the one having fun with a career and some office friends. Earlier this week, I started looking for a job in preparation for divorce. What Husbands Can't Resist came along then, and opened my eyes. Yes, it’s not enough to solve our problems, but it has taught me how to deal with my husband more easily. I finished the book in one sitting, and used the techniques right away. It was shocking the way my husband responded. He became the sweet guy I once knew, and he started talking to me about his complaints without shouting. He told me the things that made him consider a divorce, and everything became clearer for me. That was the first time in a few years that we got to talk about our life as husband and wife without ending up in an argument. What Husbands Can't Resist really helped me reach out to the man in my life, and now I’m determined to work on this relationship as much as I can.

This can save a marriage
posted this review on December 20, 2012

Husbands can get pretty weird, so this is a must-read for new wives. I have only been married for 3 months when I read What Husbands Can't Resist. Unlike other couples, we haven’t lived together yet when we decided to get married, so it was a surprise to me the kind of man he truly is. I still loved him then, but the changes in his attitude irritated me. We fought over the smallest things, and I felt that he has become more demanding than before. After a short talk with him about privacy, and the boundaries that we should have even if we’re married, I realized that there was also much I didn’t know about being a wife. What Husbands Can't Resist helped me learn the things I should and should not do as a good wife. I was willing to do everything in my powers then to keep the marriage, and this proved to be a good resource to begin with. In just a few days, I noticed differences in my marriage. My husband became the sweet man he was before we got married, and our home became more harmonious.

My marriage isn't a struggle anymore
posted this review on November 22, 2012

If you’re everyday life with your husband is a struggle, you might need some help from this book. This carefully put together book has really effective techniques that will help you win back the love of your husband, or boyfriend. I was like you before. My husband’s pride is sky high, and being a modern, career woman, I wouldn’t let him step on my pride either. We’d always end up arguing over dinner, or in the morning. These happen in front of the kids, and I got scared they might be getting affected. Somehow, our love for each other had turned into a task. It was something we had to force just because we wanted a complete family.

We nearly broke up more than a year ago, and that’s when this lovely book came to the rescue. We hadn’t been talking the entire day then, when I realized that our marriage needs change. After reading this book, I was enlightened about the male psyche, and how I can maintain the harmony in our home without looking like a doormat. It taught me methods on how to get my husband to think like he’s in total control of everything, while still having my say on family matters. Our marriage has gotten better gradually, and now it’s like we’re starting fresh again. All thanks to this book!

Smart and mature ideas
Marriane Ross (from Millers Tavern, USA) posted this review on November 11, 2012

The book has a lot of smart and mature ideas for having a better marriage. These are not teenage advice for romance, but grownup advice for nurturing a real relationship. It covers all aspects of mature relationships from communication to sex. It also has tips on ensuring that both you and your partner get what you need from the relationship. It’s a very entertaining and informative read. It’s safe to say that this has been my relationship bible since the day I got it.

Helped me become more expressive
posted this review on November 4, 2012

I love the communication techniques in this book. I’m unlike other wives. I’m quite, and I am not expressive. It’s my husband who’s usually sweet and talkative. This book helped me even it out a little bit, so he’s not complaining anymore about me giving him the cold shoulder all the time. He comes home from work earlier now, and he doesn’t nag anymore when he doesn’t like dinner. The book has had wonderful effects on our marriage.

My husband thinks it's an awesome book!
posted this review on October 24, 2012

My husband and I had so much fun reading this book! He said it’s perfect and it’s able to explain in detail the things he can’t tell me. I’ve been doing Bob’s suggestions since then, and I’d say my marriage is blissful now. I’m really very thankful I got to read this!

My husband loves the new me!
posted this review on August 10, 2012

My first impression on this book was that it’s just a collection of stuff that are good to try in your relationship. I didn’t expect it to be a complete step by step system in overhauling your relationship with your husband. I tried the techniques here on my husband, and he told me that I seem to love him more. He said he loves the changes I’ve made in the relationship and he’s so lucky to have me as his wife! This book is definitely a must-read for all wives out there.

I can't thank this book enough!
Dolly Anber (from Lloydminster, Canada) posted this review on July 3, 2012

This is great! Exactly what I expected from Bob Grant. My husband and I have been having problems recently. I thought about getting into counseling for quite some time, but he decided against it. The additional financial strain from paying a marriage counselor would add more stress to our marriage he said. And he wanted me to think that there was no problem and we’re just both tired from having to work too much. He kept on saying spend some time together, but our schedule and finances do not allow it.

When he first turned down my offer to go into counseling, I thought he was giving up on the marriage. I purchased the book only because it was from Bob Grant, and I read his name a lot when I’m looking for relationship savers. I was surprised at the wealth of information I found in it. I can say now that this has done wonders to our relationship. I finally got to understand my husband a lot better, and I realized the many shortcomings I have that lead to his lack of enthusiasm in our relationship.

My husband and I are still working on our relationship. I understand that it is not an overnight thing. The good thing is that now, I am sure exactly where we are headed, and I now understand how I can get him to treat me the way I want to be treated.

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